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We constantly pursue innovative approaches to create impacting media with our highly skilled creative team and cutting edge equipment. We’re a unique media production company that thinks tomorrow’s productions are today’s creations. We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the creative and digital curves to produce out of the box and scalable media production solutions. Our forward thinking approach means that our finished product will be useful for more than just a fleeting media moment and that means increased ROI for our clients.

Some of our services include: TV Commercials, Web Spots, Viral Web Videos, Music Videos, Corporate Communications, Documentaries, Non-Profit Communications, EPKs, Promos, Script Writing, Animation, Motion Graphics, Editorials, Distribution Across All Platforms.

inside the studio

the RED ONE camera

We’re huge fans of the RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera, and while we didn’t invent the camera, we love shooting with it. The RED ONE Camera truly is a remarkable piece of technology and one that’s a leader in digital cinematography. From an image quality perspective, we’re able to achieve that of 35MM film at a much lower cost, which means fantastic quality on a conservative budget. And we’re in good company with directors such as Steven Soderbergh and David Fincher championing its cinematic merits.

We’ve made it a point to become experts in the RED workflow from pre-production, to photography, to the post-production and distribution aspects. We’re happy to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to talk shop!

behind the scenes

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